Protective Equipment

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We carry much Personal Protective Equipment of PPE to protect from bacteria and viruses.

If you order at least 10 cases of exam gloves we can have them drop ship free anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our washable mask has an optional Activated Carbon Filter Replaceable Anti Haze Filter you can buy to add more protection or you can choose the best protection N95, however, it is hard to breathe in N95 because it seals all contour on the face to prevent viruses to inhale or get in the mouth. In Addition to mask, wearing a face shield or eye goggles is important to protect your eyes from the virus droplets is one sneeze or coughs.

If people wear masks during the flu season 80% flu infection will be avoided. I Prefer to wear N95 mask because it doesn’t have spaces on the side of the face.

Our shoe covers are important to prevent the shoes from carrying bacteria or viruses inside our house.

Isolation gowns are important to protect your clothing when working in the facilities.

Protective Safety Goggles
Face Shields
Medical Masks
Medical Gloves
Shoe Covers
Isolation Gowns
Bouffant Caps

Protective Goggles to protect the eyes from droplets
Exam Gloves

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